Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Photos or video of version 1

Photos or video of version 2

What you thought the strengths of 1 were

I thought that the first version had a good aesthetic to it, that the pencil helped with creating a certain style.

What you thought the weaknesses of 1 were

The shading or filling in with the pencil lines did not come out to what I thought it would. It does give it some texture, but a weird one at that.

Feedback you got from classmates

The main feedback that I got from a classmate was to use color and to make it pop more, as the shading really blended the image in all together.

What you tried to do different this time

This time I tried to color the image and make each aspect of the character more visible as well as more colorful.

How successful do you think your 2nd draft was vs your 1st draft?

I think the 2nd draft is much better than the first, I regret trying to shade using the lines and should have just colored everything in from the start.